If you are interested in using a B2B eCommerce platform and you’ve already done some research then you’ve probably noticed two names that stand out – BigCommerce and Shopify Plus. This makes sense because these two are often listed as top B2B solutions for those planning on running B2B eCommerce ventures. So, a comparison which includes BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus is a logical thing to do if you want to check which platform is better for your eCommerce project. This is exactly what you’ll get from this article.

Payment processing

This is a very important thing when selecting any kind of eCommerce platform. However, we should point out that both BigCommerce and Shopify Plus have strong performance when it comes to processing different kinds of payments. For example, they work quite well with popular processors like Sage Payment Solutions, Authorize.Net, and Paypal. Of course, you should know that BigCommerce supports more than 60 payment options while Shopify Plus supports more than 100 payment solutions. The good thing is that they have established connections that are able to minimize the fees per transaction. Don’t forget that each of these options has a unique approach when it comes to transaction fees.

Themes and design

What makes Shopify Plus and BigCommerce stand out is the presence of mobile-friendly design. If you want to use Shopify Plus, then you can expect ten completely free responsive themes. They might look simple, but they are attractive. In case you want to try something else, you can pay for their premium themes which are slightly cheaper than the ones offered by BigCommerce. Shopify Plus has more than 50 premium themes. On the other hand, you can find 7 free themes and over 95 premium themes when you use BigCommerce. In both cases, you can make adjustments easily.

Ease of use

When we compare Shopify Plus and BigCommerce to most B2B eCommerce platforms, we will notice that they are very easy to use. They come with modern, neat dashboards which allow users to control all the things they want related to their website from one place and with just a few clicks. It won’t take much time to get used to any of these two dashboards. Navigating through the features and using the tools is very easy and you can figure out how to do this in minutes even if you have not used an eCommerce platform before.

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