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How to Do a DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process
A cabinet painting is actually a rather small painted painting, usually no bigger than two by two feet in both size and height, but very often much shorter. The word is also used for smaller paintings that display landscapes or full-length images at a much smaller scale, instead of a portrait or head mounted object normally displayed on the wall. Cabinet paintings are usually created with a rough texture applied to the surface of the wood, which is then covered with a varnish or paint to give it a finished look. In addition to using a thin layer of paint, these types of paintings may also use a medium to create depth in the image. These types of paintings are very popular with artists who prefer a more abstract approach to their work.

If you want to create an original cabinet painting yourself, there are several things you will need to have in order to complete the job. First, you will need to have a good set of paint brushes. While you probably do not have these items at home, there are many different sets of brushes and even paint brushes available at art supply stores and even hardware stores. While you may not feel comfortable painting your cabinets yourself, purchasing a set of painting brushes and paint brushes can be very helpful to you in the end.

Painting cabinetry is quite often an integral part of replacing old kitchen cabinets with new ones. However, if you purchase your cabinet painting supplies from a reputable dealer, you can rest assured that you will get high quality products that are durable and look great as well. While you certainly can do the painting yourself if you choose, having a professional apply the paint can help to ensure that the paint will adhere well to your cabinetry. Many professional painters will offer their assistance when it comes time to installing new cabinets, and they can help to install them while you are free to do other things.

If you decide to paint your cabinetry yourself, you will need to purchase a quality set of paint supplies. These include the brush, roller, sponge, caulking gun, tape measure, tape, stencils and the most important of all, a paint preparation surface. A paint preparation surface will allow you to apply the paint with ease, so that you can ensure that you get a professional-looking paint job. If you are unsure of your surface preparation materials, you can purchase them from your chosen paint company at a discount.

One of the most challenging aspects of painting cabinets is matching the colors. Many times, people will choose contrasting colors for their cabinet hardware. If you choose hardware that is too bright, it can be difficult to match the colors correctly. Instead, choose handles and cabinet hardware that have similar coloring to the wall color. This will give you the most success when trying to match the cabinet hardware to the walls.

The last step in the DIY cabinet painting process is to sand down the cabinet surfaces before painting. This helps them last longer and looks even. It is recommended that you use a light grade sand paper to sand down your surfaces. If you don’t sand them, the finish can be very streaky.

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